Warlords who lived in the Sengoku era (the civil war period between the mid 15th and the 16th centuries) healed their own worn out souls by seeking peace of mind through tea ceremonies when they were away from the battlefields.

Although we are living in the different time and environment, our recent busy restless world could also deprive us of peaceful life and cause identity crises like in the Sengoku era.

From the insider view of this traditional culture, I've felt it is the calmness and the spirituality of Japanese tea ceremony, through which the warlords who lived on the edge looked at their inner selves and regained their energy, that are indispensable for our modern society.

Therefore, it would be our great pleasure if this site and our activities could be one of your sources of energy, peace, and comfort to lighten up your life.

@ Soju Nakazawa

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