Have you ever thought about what you need the most?
It is a quiet space and time to relax.
I will just boil some water and serve a cup of tea to you.

It is a seemingly simple act, yet it is actually quit difficult for me.
I must always be in the state of Zen.

In imagining the moment I meet you,
I spend a lot of time preparing for the special time we will share you.
Still, “Omotenashi” is not a simple thing for me to do, despite modern
conveniences such as gas, electricity, and water.
So… if you can enjoy this atmosphere and you open your heart.
the experience will be priceless…

In Tea Ceremony, it is essential to know the routine,
but it is also important to have a wide range of experiences and knowledge.
The key to Tea Ceremony is recognizing your own senses and feelings and
allowing yourself to listen to them.

I would say again that simple can be difficult.
This is why Tea ceremony has always attracted me ……..

Soju Nakazawa

Tea Master Soju Nakazawa

Born in 1970, in Tokyo. Grew up on Japanese traditional cultures, especially on the tea culture,
and have showed a keen interest in it since his childhood, under the strong influences of his
grandmother and mother who were tea masters, as well as of his relatives, such as Gonjuro
Kawarazaki III (a famous Kabuki star) and Tokuho Azuma (a grand master of Japanese classical dance).
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